Software development for Marianne Holm Hansen’s Towards The Mean (Sampling Britishness Today) interactive installation, exhibited in The Barbican Centre ( London GB, 2016). The installation questions the idea of identity by means of capturing portraits and voice in-situ and manipulating them into an evolving British ‘average. Ubique Media has developed a photo-booth emulating software that employs sophisticated face-detection, image-processing and face-allignment algorithms to tracks faces, to automatically capture portrait photos and, eventually, to create an face-blending video animation which is projected to the wall. The software has been developed in C++14 using a series of frameworks/libraries such as openCV, openGL, glfw, boost, and others. Ubique Media has been involved in several stages of production: we have offered advices to certain questions of design/interaction, suggested solutions to certain technical issues, and have developed, tested, installed and maintained the software. The software for the project can be found in githubTowards The Mean is an artwork by Marianne Holm Hansen in association with Seth Scott and electronic musicians from the Guildhall School.

Installation @ the Barbican Centre. London, GB 2016 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis.