Software development for Akira Takayama’s Piraeus/Heterotopia urban installation/sound-walk, exhibited at the Fast Forward Festival (Athens GR, 2017) and commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Foundation. Piraeus/Heterotopia is the first European version of the much discussed Heterotopia project which started in Tokyo in 2013. Equipped with smartphones, specially designed apps and maps, the audience embarks on the re-discovery of Piraeus and its long migration and refugee history. Ubique Media has developed the software for Heterotopia, both for Android and iOS in the respective native languages (Swift and Java), with certain modules been coded in C++14. Ubique Media has closely collaborated with the artist and the production team to carefully customise and fine-tune the application according the their needs and, more, took care of preinstalling the software to a number of devices as well as of preparing and distributing App Store and Google Play Store versions of it. Piraeus/Heterotopia is an artwork by Akira Takayama. The graphic design for the application has been carried out by Bend.