Ad-hoc software/hardware solutions for the 21st century media artist

Ubique Media specialises in software and hardware development for (new) media art applications. We provide our customers affordable and ad-hoc solutions of the highest calibre for a variety of applications, such as audiovisual installations/performances, interactive art, net-art, software-art, web-art, new music instruments (NIMEs), VJing, Robotics, light installations, 2D/3D computer graphics, etc—you name it! We are committed in helping artists minimise the distance from an idea to its eventual implementation, and we can be involved in all stages in-between: consultancy, development, testing, refactoring, installation, technical support, and maintenance. Ubique Media comprises a core team of internationally active and experienced developers, artists, designers, makers and researchers of disparate backgrounds, all specialising in particular technologies. Our software/hardware has appeared in acclaimed museums and festivals, such as e.g. Bozar Center for Fine Arts (Brussels, BE), The Barbican Centre (London, GB), VideoBrasil (São Paulo, BR), Transmediale (Berlin, DE), Wroclaw Media Arts Biennale (Wroclaw, PL), Greek National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, GR), Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki, GR), and others. More, we are dedicated supporters of free/libre/open-source technologies and devoted to spreading our know-how, either by means of releasing code and relevant technical resources back to the community, or through workshops and other educational activities.

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We specialise in software development for any art/technology related application and for all major platforms (MacOs X, Windows, Linux, Unix, iOs, Android, Arduino, etc).


Our team features experts in a wide range of hardware systems: e.g. analogue electronics, micro-controllers, board-computing, robotics, new musical instruments, 3d printing, etc.


We have experience in all sorts of network-based systems, from reflexive websites and server-based software, to sophisticated hybrid systems, (ambient) intelligent networks and the internet of things.

Heterotopia Abu Dhabi

Software development for Akira Takayama’s Heterotopia - Abu Dhabi urban installation/sound-walk, exhibited at the Durub Al Tawaya VI (Abu Dhabi AE, 2019) and… Read More


Software development for Akira Takayama’s Piraeus/Heterotopia urban installation/sound-walk, exhibited at the Fast Forward Festival (Athens GR, 2017) and commissioned by the Onassis Cultural… Read More


Software development for Marinos Koutsomichalis' Inhibition project. Inhibition revolves around an ‘intelligent’ headset that is capable of EEG (electroencephalography), algorithmic sound… Read More


motion_to_midi_bridge is a minimal python script that converts absolute-time fps-based motion data (retrieved from the analysis of high-speed video of the… Read More

Towards The Mean

Software development for Marianne Holm Hansen's Towards The Mean (Sampling Britishness Today) interactive installation, exhibited in The Barbican Centre ( London GB,… Read More

Oiko-nomic Threads

Software development for the Oiko-nomic Threads installation project–a system commenting on the notion of work through the production of a textile. Ubique… Read More


Software development for Marinos Koutsomichalis' Subception site-dependent installation piece for generative sound, light and computer graphics, exhibited in Q-O2 project space (Brussels,… Read More


Software development for Maria Paschalidou's Arbitrariness, an interactive installation exploring the fragile and unforeseeable relation between image and language.  For Arbitrariness, Ubique Media has developed software… Read More